By Lisa Schwimmer Marier

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Each e-book gains a hundred and one educating principles on the topic of the topic of its identify. actions span a number of curriculum parts together with math, language improvement, technology, paintings, song and extra

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Then have children, one at a time, walk across the paper. At the end of the paper, provide warm soapy water and towels. Help children rinse off their feet, dry them, and put their shoes and socks back on. When the “paint walk” is dry, hang on a wall of the classroom. Variation: You can also do this with water on the sidewalk. Then children can watch their “walkway” disappear. For younger children: Ask children where they walk (at home, to school, at the store, in the park). Emphasize that the word walk begins with the letter w.

Provide crayons and glue, as well as flower petals, grass, vegetable tops, seeds, and other dry plant materials. Using their g’s as planters or vases, children can create different plants or flowers growing out of their g’s. As they make their g planters, ask children what other words they can think of that begin with g. ©© School Specialty Publishing McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing 63 1-57029-485-2 101 Alphabet Activities Visual Arts 74 SILLY SNAKES Materials Drawing paper Crayons or markers Various art materials, such as glitter, seeds, fabric scraps, and so on Children’s scissors Glue Activity This is an excellent way to introduce the s sound to children as they create these silly snakes.

Have you any wool? Up above the world SO high. Yes, sir, yes, sir, three BAGS full. Like a diamond in the SKY One for my master, one for my dame, Twinkle Twinkle, little STAR One for the little BOY who lives down the lane. How I wonder what you are. 58 SHOW ME C WORDS! Materials None Activity Invite children to move like things that begin with the letter c. First ask children what words they can think of that begin with the letter c. They may say things, such as cat, cow, cloud, crow, or car. Then invite children to move like cats, then cars, then clouds, and so on.

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