By Joel Williamson

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The Crucible of Race, a massive reinterpretation of black-white family members within the South, used to be commonly acclaimed on book and in comparison favorably to 2 of the seminal books on Southern heritage: Wilbur J. Cash's The brain of Jim Crow. Representing twenty years of study and writing at the background of the South, The Crucible of Race explores the big subject of Southern race family members for a span of a century and a part. Oxford is happy to make on hand an abridgement of this father or mother quantity: A Rage for Order preserves all of the subject traces that have been complex within the unique quantity and plenty of of the person tales. As in Crucible of Race, Williamson right here confronts the grim irony that the warfare to loose blacks from slavery additionally freed racism. He examines the shift within the energy base of Southern white management after 1850 and recounts the poor violence performed to blacks within the identify of self-protection. This condensation of 1 of an important interpretations of Southern background is available as a way in which a wide viewers can grab the necessities of black-white relations--a challenge that persists to at the present time and one with which all of us needs to contend--North and South, black and white.

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It fell, finally, by the raw physical power of a North that flatly would not tolerate first disunion and then slavery. The great moral defection of the North, the great sin of the North against the South, was to destroy slavery and yet not destroy the culture that slavery had generated. The result was to doom a whole people to the fate of the Flying Dutchman, to abandon them to pursue a culture whose primal base, whose very reason for existence, had been forever lost, to ride a social ship that could never find haven or harbor.

Each would be very patient and wait for opportunities. " In other states in the South were other Hamptons, and sooner or later they were all successful. And while there was never a single white leader to organize tightly all Southern whites as Booker T. " In the end, the essence of the old order, the sense of Southernness and whiteness as qualities uniquely valuable, was saved. An identity that had been sorely burned in the Civil War and very nearly drowned in the swirling currents of Black Reconstruction was regained, and a positive image of Southern self took root and life again.

By way of illustration, witness the experience of one deep South plantation family. In 1856 Samuel Townsend of Madison County, Alabama, died, freeing by his will some forty of his slaves and leaving to them an estate valued at over $200,000, including other slaves. Shortly before, another man in the family, perhaps his father, had died leaving a will in which he bequeathed an estate worth some $500,000 to his two mulatto children. The earlier will was successfully contested by white heirs, but Samuel Townsend’s testament was honored and executed with great fidelity by his friend and neighbor, S.

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