By Roald Dahl

ISBN-10: 0582222818

ISBN-13: 9780582222816

E-book by way of Dahl, Roald

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Suffix meaning “full of” 3. prefix meaning “above” or “more than the usual” 7. a person who performs in a play 2 F U 3 4 S 5 A 6 U E A 7 9 8 R 10 H E 9. being without hope DOWN 2. base word shared by useful and useless 3. base word of surprising 4. one who creates works of art 5. not happy 6. base word of easy 8. to do over 10. com COMPOUND WORDS 1 A compound word joins two words as one. Usually, one plus one is two. In the case of a compound word, one plus one equals ONE! Example: side + walk = sidewalk Circle the compound word in each sentence.

The ______________________ zoomed across the winter meadow. 5. We’ll meet at six, but if ______________________ changes, call me! com COMPOUND WORDS 3 Once again, it’s time to use your vocabulary skills and poetic talents! Combine words listed below to make a compound word that completes each rhyme. Hint: You’ll use one word twice. 1. When the leaves drop in the fall ball day break Autumn sports fans watch ______________________. 2. I’d start a fire if I could, But the rain soaked all our ______________________.

Idioms are NOT meant to be taken literally! EXAMPLE: EXPLANATION: My English teacher is a rare bird! The teacher is not really a bird, of course. This idiom means that the teacher has some very unusual qualities. Read each pair of sentences. Circle the letter of the sentence that contains an idiom. 1. a. When I waded into the ocean, I got cold feet. b. I was supposed to give a speech, but I got cold feet. 2. a. Summer is our rainy season, and when it rains, it pours. b. After getting a flat tire and losing my wallet, I realized that when it rains, it pours.

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