By F. R. Leavis

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Dr Leavis's choice from Scrutiny offers in volumes vital fabric which isn't simply to be had somewhere else. even though many recognized books have already been derived from Scrutiny, those volumes don't replica fabric in these books, and so they provide loads of another way uncollected fabric through Dr & Mrs Leavis themselves. the choice concentrates on English literature and literary feedback, and likewise displays Scrutiny's good fortune, from the Nineteen Thirties to the Nineteen Fifties, in commenting at the very important writers of the time. quantity I starts with a set of stories through Mrs Q. D. Leavis on educational traditions. There follows a bit of reviews of T. S. Eliot, Yeats, Pound, and more moderen poets. sections on 'Literary tradition' and 'The Literary global' touch upon minor writers and on literary lifestyles and associations (including Dr Leavis's celebrated 'Keynes, Spender and foreign money Values').

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Aspects of it were registered in the contemporary mots: 'No flowers by request' and 'Stephen's ink was never watery* (or purple, it might have been added). He had the right to come down on Arnold for his rhetoric about the dreaming spires and to object to his mannerisms. Stephen was the type of critic who makes no parade of personality, has no studied attitudes, whose manner consists of an absence of manner but is felt as the presence of a mature personality. He himself described his style modestly as 'short-winded and provokingly argumentative,' and says that whereas X 'can keep up a flow of eloquence' he himself cannot keep on the rhetorical level because he ' must always have some tangible remark to make'.

It says a great deal for the principles and good nature of the men that though they had reported against Hitchin as a site, and urged Cambridge instead, they gave their services ungrudgingly, and Miss Davies wrote that all the teachers she had in view on opening were * of the first rank'. 1 When in a few years a fund enabled building at Girton to be started, a strong objection still held: Sarah Burstall, the future famous Head of the Manchester High School, came up to Girton in '78* to take the Maths.

31 THE CAMBRIDGE TRADITION forgotten. Mary Paley, who died three years ago at the age of ninetyfour (working daily, till within two years of her death, in the Marshall Library she established in memory of her husband), was one of the first batch of women students at Cambridge, when 'female higher education' was being planted here by Henry Sidgwick and his friends. For he is the key name of this period, as can be seen equally from her memories and from those of many others. To read Mrs Woolf and other feminists one would conclude that university education for girls was actually forced into being by women in the face of the brutal resistance of hostile mankind.

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