By Harris Kwong

ISBN-10: 1942341164

ISBN-13: 9781942341161

It is a textual content that covers the traditional subject matters in a sophomore-level path in discrete arithmetic: good judgment, units, evidence ideas, easy quantity concept, capabilities, relatives, and ordinary combinatorics, with an emphasis on motivation. It explains and clarifies the unwritten conventions in arithmetic, and publications the scholars via a close dialogue on how an evidence is revised from its draft to a last polished shape. Hands-on routines aid scholars comprehend an idea quickly after studying it. The textual content adopts a spiral technique: many issues are revisited a number of instances, occasionally from a distinct point of view or at a better point of complexity. The target is to slowly improve scholars’ problem-solving and writing abilities.

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The answer is: it does not matter. It is the order of grouping (hence the term associative) that does not matter in associative properties. • The important consequence of the associative property is: since it does not matter on which pair of statements we should carry out the operation first, we can eliminate the parentheses and write, for example, p∨q∨r without worrying about any confusion. • Not all operations are associative. Subtraction is not associative. Given three numbers 5, 7, and 4, in that order, how should we carry out two subtractions?

3 The operation “exclusive or” can be defined as p q ⇔ (p ∨ q) ∧ (p ∧ q). 2. When we have a complex statement involving more than one logical operation, care must be taken to determine which operation should be carried out first. The precedence or priority is listed below. Connectives ¬ ∧ ∨ ⇒ ⇔ Priority Highest .. Lowest This is the order in which the operations should be carried out if the logical expression is read from left to right. To override the precedence, use parentheses. 4 operations.

New York City will have more than 40 inches of snow in 2525. The statement p is true, and the statement q is false. Represent each of the following statements by a formula. What is their truth value if r is true? What if r is false? 28 Chapter 2 Logic (a) Niagara Falls is in New York if and only if New York City is the state capital of New York. (b) Niagara Falls is in New York iff New York City will have more than 40 inches of snow in 2525. (c) Niagara Falls is in New York or New York City is the state capital of New York if and only if New York City will have more than 40 inches of snow in 2525.

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