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TeTx does not have an effect on the spontaneous spike activity. organ. The sensitivity was reduced to 2-20% of its original value. This means that the synaptic transmission was not completely blocked by the TeTx. Most likely, even the 400 pM concentration of TeTx wasn't quite high enough to be a 100% effective. Also, some of the variation between the results may be due to individual variation in the skin patch preparation. Occasionally, fragments of muscle or adipose tissue stuck to the skin patch, making it more difficult for the TeTx to reach the electroreceptor cells.

Cadmium, in the concentration used, did not completely block the spike frequency modulation, but the Fura-2-response became undetectable. Part of the difference in these results lies in the difference in signal-to-noise ratio of the two types of recording. Also, because of synaptic amplification, a decrease in Ca2+ influx is more obvious in the recordings than the resulting decrease in spike frequency modulation. We found that amiloride, an epithelial sodium-channel blocking agent as well as TEA, a potassium-channel blocking agent suppressed the Fura-2-response reversibly.

During the negative pulse of the stimulus, the inactivation is removed to a large extent, so at the next action potential a lot of channels participate resulting in a extra large spike. 49 60 Vm, soma (mV) 40 20 0 - 20 - 40 - 60 - 80 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 t i me (ms Vm, soma St i mul us Spi ke f r equenc Figure 17. Soma membrane potential with and without a stimulus. The stimulus waveform is depicted in gray, the soma membrane potential in black. From 0 to 100 ms, the model is allowed to reach the steady state values.

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