By David Nicolle

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In April 1291, a Mamluk military laid siege to Acre, the final nice Crusader castle within the Holy Land. for 6 weeks, the siege dragged on till the Mamluks took the outer wall, which have been breached in numerous locations. the army Orders drove again the Mamluks briefly, yet 3 days later the interior wall used to be breached. King Henry escaped, however the bulk of the defenders and many of the voters perished within the struggling with or have been offered into slavery. The surviving knights fell again to their fort, resisting for ten days, till the Mamluks broke via. This booklet depicts the dramatic cave in of this nice castle, whose dying marked the tip of the Crusades within the Holy Land.

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S The polarities that Alt used in developing his argument for the origin of Israel had been constructed from two presumably complementary dichotomies: not only that of "Canaan" vs. "Israel" but also the chronological and typological contrast between the Late Bronze and the Iron Age cultures of Palestine. ' Because of the mixed categories of Alt's polarity, the contrast that he presented was not simply descriptive, recounting typical characteristics of two known contemporary and historical groups, the Canaanites and the Israelites.

These motifs function within the literary narrative connections that the traditions 3 MUIiJtU ntIlJOrldis, this same artument is to be made against the Mendenhall-Gottwald ~rily rqanling a n;voIulionliry purity of the time of the judgcs vs. I centralization or the monarchy. 30 SOCIAL ANnlROPOLOGY AND TIlE HISTORY OF PALESTINE make, between the story time of distinct individual narratives and other origin traditions already recounted. 4 Here again, the Canaanite-Israelite polarity played a central role in the development of Alt's hypothesiS.

E. Wright, Bib/jcal Archaeology (Weslminster, 1956). HJ. K. T. H. Mallhews, PtJSIOI1J1 Nomadism in w Marl Kingdom (ca. c), ASORDS 3 (Cambridge, 1978). P. 5-47. 22 EXTRABIBLICAL SOURCES I share the opinion that the concept of a nomadic movement at the beginning of Iron I (on a scale comparable to the equally questionable "Amorite migration" of Middle Bronze I) is no longer an adequate explanation for Israel's origin and needs 10 be thoroughly reexamined. Aside from the possible issue of naivet!!

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