By T. E. Bearden

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S. S. to comprehend incidents such as the following: 1. S. Embassy in Moscow. Over the years the radiation continued, sometimes continuously, sometimes intermittently. S. Ambassadors, and the sickness of a third. S. Presidents have protested the radiation. S. S. scientific community have been totally baffled. They still do not know the true nature of the radiation, nor its purpose. 2. In the winter of 1957-58, an unexplained nuclear event happened near Kyshtym, within the Soviet Union. A huge explosion occurred in the stored nuclear wastes in the disposal section of the Soviet atomic weapons industry located in the southern Urals.

Wouldn't React 36 4. In May 1960 Gary Powers' high-flying U-2 spy plane was mysteriously disabled over the Soviet Union, resulting in its subsequent crash and the Soviet capture of Powers himself. A flash appeared behind Powers' aircraft, as if from an explosion — except that the flash persisted, showing that it was not a normal HE explosion at all. A tracking radar, employed in a scalar EM mode, probably was used to cause the electromagnetic "flash ball" and disable Powers' aircraft. Harmless SA2 missiles fired far below him may have been employed to deceive Western intelligence analysts.

Cell cultures where vaccine is made from weakened bacteria could easily be contaminated with the desired recombinant viruses available in the cancer laboratories. To insure worldwide release of the lethal virus, covert Communist agents apparently caused contamination of the smallpox vaccine that was prepared in quantity in Western laboratories. This contaminated vaccine then was widely used to inoculate Third World peoples and others, in the successful international program to eradicate smallpox.

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