By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing millions of recent Albanian phrases again to their origins. It includes targeted info at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on a number of loanwords coming from old Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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Bullar m, pi. bullare `blindworm'. Together with its variant bollar this word is derived from bone (TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 90). It is the source of Rum bcilaur 'dragon' from where other Balkan forms were borrowed. 0 MEYER Wb. 41; BARieARSt 3-5 (from *bala 'water, marsh' and *var `snake'); PASCU RE 25 (reconstructs Rom *belluarius); DURANTE Ric. Ling. 1950, 270-271; SKOK ZfromPh L 513-517; ROSETTI ILR I 272; OREL Vestnik MGU. Filologija 1981/2 72-76 (ancient Balkan ties of bullar); cABEJ Etim. II 366-367.

0 OREL Koll. Idg. Ges. 356; cABEJ Etim. II 211; SvANE 43. *hukura etymologically connected with bukel, cf. fnits 'tender' (SCHUCHARDT KZ XX 254; MEYER Wh. 51; OREL ZfBalk XXIII/1 69-70). The semantic tertium comparationis is the weasel's remarkable lust occasionally related to the notion of beauty and good (TRuBAeEv in VASMER II 462; TOPOROV PJa III 279-280: on OPrus caune `marten'). From (Proto-)Albanian the word was borrowed to Rum bucur (MEYER Wb. 52). 0 STIER KZ VII 160 (identical with Lat pulcher); CIHAC II 715 (borrowed from Turk buhur `incense'); BARK AArbSt.

Banja 'bath'. : OCS banja, Bulg ban'a, SCr banja and the like (Mticiosicu Slay. Elemente 15; MEYER Wb. 24; WEIGAND 4). 0 MIKLOSICH Rom. Elemente 4; (from Latin); HELBIG 90 (from Italian); cABEJ Etim. II 155 (from Rom *banea or Ital bagno). bar m, p1. barera harena 'grass'. From PAlb *bara etymologically BARDHE BARI 17 related to Lat far 'sort of grain, spelt' < *bhars-, ON barn 'spelt' and the like (CAMARDA 1336; MEYER Wb. 26, Alb. St. III 71). ); MEYER Alb. St. III 33 (to Gk (pOpoc `(agricultural) yield'); KRETSCHMER Glotta III 338-339, VI 96 (to Gk TOtpttaicov 'drug, healing remedy'); JOKL Vox Rom.

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