By Matthew Balent

ISBN-10: 0916211061

ISBN-13: 9780916211066

Good points over 70 assorted certain and unusual guns from world wide.

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The aircraft is painted in the new gray scheme, and the SL tail codes and the serial numbers were dark gray. Notice the style that was used for the serial numbers. (McDonnell-Douglas) This right front view of 68-0462 provides a good look at the sharksmouth on the nose of the aircraft. MISSOURI was (Cockle via Brown) lettered on the red fin cap in white, shadowed with black. J~--- This top view of F-4E, 68-0385, was taken at the St. Louis ANGB. The pattern of the gray paint scheme across the left wing and the top of the fuselage is clearly visible.

The same aircraft markings seen on the previous page were applied to 68-0528. (Cockle via Brown) This right rear view of F-4E, 68-0528, illustrates the markings applied to that side of the aircraft. (Grove) 59 Another in-flight photograph shows the effectiveness of the European 1 paint scheme when viewed against a green background. (McDonnell-Douglas) This photograph of F-4E, 67-0376, provides a good look at the Phantom in the landing configuration. The aircraft was painted in the European 1 (Grove) scheme.

The knight's head had disappeared from this side of the aircraft and the Air Forces Iceland badge had been added over the red, white, and blue stripes on the splitter plate. S. AIR FORCE on the intake. (Flightieader) .... - ~ ~ . ~~ 315 ,. By December 1982 the stripes had disappeared from the splitter plate. This left front view of F-4E, 67-0315, shows the markings carried on that side of the aircraft during 1985. S. AIR FORCE on the fuselage. The unit soon transitioned to the F-15. (MA P) 46 (Taylor) 3247th TEST SQUADRON The 3247th Test Squadron, 3246th Test Wing, is stationed at Eglin AFB, Florida.

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