By Rick Barba

ISBN-10: 0761537481

ISBN-13: 9780761537489

Play or Prey?• assault recommendations for every uniquespecies• info on guns, instruments, talents, and kit• whole walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complicated tips for veteran gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality counsel

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This is a free-for-all with only one objective: get more frags (kills) or points than anyone else. Each game can end in one of several ways set by the game’s host—when the game reaches a maximum time limit, or when one player reaches a certain maximum value (frags or points). The key: If you see your enemy first, you have the upper hand. Either kill him, or withdraw. Take advantage of the different species. For example, Predators often get lazy and use only one vision mode. If you are an Alien, and you see a Predator hunting a human, you know that he’s probably using Thermal vision mode and not paying attention to you.

These two are lumped together because of their similar powers and abilities. Drones and runners, both adult Aliens, can wall-walk (climb walls and ceilings), headbite (eat human heads), pounce, and attack with claws or tail. However, slight differences do exist. Drones walk on their hind legs because they gestated in bipedal hosts (such as humans). When a drone attacks, you see its face, which is not a pleasant sight. Drones aren’t as fast as runners (but fast nonetheless); their pounce attack doesn’t reach quite as far either.

Follow the hall to the left. ” ൸ Move the cursor over the workstation’s center panel—the cursor becomes the Activate crosshair—and press your Use key to activate the landing beacon. A metal shutter rises behind the workstation, revealing a window overlooking the landing pad. ” Outside the window, you see the dropship land on the pad. It’s time to report to McCain. Objective: Report to Commander McCain Landing Bay: Exterior ൸ Retrace your route to the landing bay. ൸ Approach McCain, who stands at the foot of the dropship.

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